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About Someday Farm Alpacas  

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Someday Farm   Alpacas...
                                              of course ~
About Someday Farm Alpacas, and goals…

Someday Farm is a small, family run farm.  Our mission is to raise superb alpacas with loving care and sound animal husbandry, showing them for their great conformations along with exquisite fiber and promote growth and development of the alpaca industry.
With growing up and in adult life, have raised many animals for many years, then after researching what is involved in owning alpacas-I was impressed with their calm temperament and ease of care.  There were many farms visited to understand the care and needs, along with just wanting to see alpacas.  I read everything I could, attended shows and seminars, and discovered that these are charming animals.  I was convinced that raising alpacas would provide both a desirable lifestyle and a sound investment opportunity.

So, that started the adventure with the purchase of two Haucaya males  to see if they could fit in here, and I liked the thought of a hands on approach to aid with the learning about this dynamic livestock.

Deciding this was the thing... following up with the purchase of two bred females seemed the right thing to do.  And, found it to be true…they are addicting-I felt fortunate to be able to acquire another bred female followed by three more, and on-and on.  

The goal was to own some boys, and about 10 quality girls, selectively breeding them to the best quality males around.  After all these years, getting down to these numbers while improving the breedings as the selections are made.

Here you will find haucaya alpacas, with great confirmation, fleece quantity and quality (dense, fine, crimp).  Some of our herd includes such notable names as Genghis Khan, Spring Snow (parentage of Schwartzkopf), Senator Taft, Peruvian King, Peruvian Inca, Sinopsis Nocturna, Accoyo Caligula, and Powerball, K-2, Snowmass Legacy Gold, Royal Fawn, Adrianno, Silvio, Conan, Black Epic, Guillermo,Jedi Knight.  

The plan is to continue showing, breeding and learning about alpacas, and I have been buying, selling and breeding ever since!

What does Someday Farm have for you:  Alpaca products and roving for sale (Please see the farm Store), there is a great business plan I've put together to help folks out, other things offered:  agistment (boarding),breeding, birthing out, mentoring, microchipping, teeth trimming and any herd health services, transportation in and around New Hampshire.   

There are many farm events thru the year, and have room for spinning, weaving and other demonstrations along with some seminars-educating folks about Alpacas. 

Here the focus is on the fiber processing, commercially and on the farm, from the alpaca shearing thru the end product, I can help you with each step of the process, along with the care and husbandry of the animals and anything alpaca!

Folks interested in becoming alpaca owners or breeders, come learn from some experiences, insights and perhaps watch them play, feel their fleece or just listen to them hum.

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