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Someday Farm   Herbs & Spices
All Around Spice Mix
This mix is a great blend of all the right things to make anything from dips to stir-fries.  Comes with dip recipe on back of label.   $2.50 each

Bouquet Garni Spice Packet 
Bouqet Garni is a personal favorite of ours.  Great for creating the most flavorful soups!  $3.00 

Sausage Seasoning mix 
This mix is a long time secret recipe!  Makes the best sausage!
Enough for 25 lbs.  $3.00 each
Comes in a recycleable glass spice jar.

Dried Herbs 
We have an assorted bunch from year to year of dried homegrown herbs.  See our spice mixes too!  $2.00 each

Choose from the following options:
Chili Peppers