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For your peace of mind while you are away…
  Boarding for your felines and other small pets.

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                                         "The Kitty Inn"
                                                     Someday Farm
Experience great animal care for your Cats or other small furry animals while you are away.

We are a small farm dedicated to providing quality care for your small animals while their owners are away. Your pet will stay with us and enjoy a farm atmosphere.

Vacation Animal care/Boarding for your Cats and other small furry things. We also offer limited grooming services, pet supplies and toys; pet photos and microchipping.

Cat Care
We are committed to providing animals with a healthy, happy experience. Because we are small and like it to be a ‘home-like’ stay we do limit the number of animals we take at one time.
If your pet has a special diet or is particularly finicky, you are welcome to bring food from home. We will feed your animal per your instructions, treats or favorite toys from home are always welcome.
All animals are checked for fleas, ticks and general good health upon arrival. Should any parasites be found, the animal would be treated at the owners’ expense while here. All animals must be current with the distemper and rabies.
If you wish to bring bedding from home, we request it be of a size and material that can be easily washed, should it become soiled during their stay.  
Your pet will be participating in playtime tailored to the individual animals’ needs, age, condition, personality and behavior.
Please discuss your pets needs with us and we will do our best to accommodate them.

We offer Microchipping while your pet is here, or make an appointment anytime. We recommend all animals are chipped in case they are ever lost or stolen.

Grooming services are available for all animals, however, is limited. Bathing, light clipping and toenail clipping are offered in addition to medicated, flea and DE skunking treatments. Please inquire for pricing and details, we encourage you to plan at booking time.
We offer special rates on a bath package prior to going home. Prices vary depending on the size, coat and condition of your pet. Also, this depends on the season, please inquire.

Pet Photos
Pet photos are available, large and small animals; sittings are available by appointment, open to all. Photos can be of your pet or include family members. Ask for details, anything is possible!

Other pets
We offer special accommodations for some all small animals and some large while you are away and would be happy to discuss your needs.

Other Services
Animal transport and livestock hauling, Airport pickup and drop off services are also available.

Safety first
Should any unforeseen emergency arise veterinary care is on call for us 24 x7. If non-emergency condition develops with your pet, we will make every effort to call the vet you designate at check in.

Peace of Mind
We are committed to giving your pet the best possible care and attention they need, in your absence. Our goal is to offer you peace of mind that you have chosen the best place for your loved one. We welcome visitors any time and would be happy to discuss any concerns you may have.

Email: Somedayfarmnh@aol.com Website: WWW.Somedayfarm.com Phone: 603-783-9436